Land Rover LR4

Nothing compliments the Sonoma County lifestyle like a Land Rover LR4. This rig’s perfect combination of luxury and rugged off-road capabilities is just as happy with a night on the town as it is rumbling up a steep vineyard row. A powerful Jaguar V-8 engine, full air suspension and stadium seating makes the Land Rover the perfect vehicle for your wine country adventure. This is also one of our exclusive vehicle for a true off-road vineyard experience, and the most exciting way to fully immerse yourselves in the Sonoma County landscape.


All wine tours in our Land Rover LR4 are $100/ hour with a 5 hour /minimum. This rate is inclusive of all taxes and fueling charges. Gratuity is at your discretion and not included in the rate. For other services, such as airport or dinner transfer, or wedding transport, please contact us directly. All services require a credit card to guarantee and are subject to a five/ day cancellation policy.