The Treacherous Terrain Tour
“…One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.…”

Ok…, the terrain may not exactly be treacherous, but pavement is for wimps and our Range Rover and 4×4 Sprinter Vans don’t like to sit in the parking lot. Let’s leave the pavement behind and head off the beaten path. Nothing says authentic wine country like traversing our beautiful vineyards and climbing up rugged mountains to find that stunning view. This tour will get our vehicles dusty and dirty, but you’ll be cool and comfortable.

Treacherous Terrain Tour Details

This memorable day will include a professionally guided tour in either our Range Rover, our 4×4 Sprinter “Mountain” van or our 4×4 custom convertible Sprinter “Venture” van. The tour includes VIP tastings at 3 to 4 of our cherished winery partners, and a gourmet picnic lunch. Price varies with the number of guests, please call for more info.

Enquire or Book This Tour

Let’s leave the pavement behind and head off the beaten path. If you have questions or desire additional information, simply reach out to us.


“…My husband wanted something more adventurous than just visiting tasting rooms and Steve at the Silver Service offered the Treacherous Tour – my husband was all smiles…”

Grace Roberts

“…The Silver Service has unbelievable winery relationships. We were driving among pristine vineyards, tasting grapes off the vine and meeting world class winemakers…”

Anthony King

“…We wanted something that was off the beaten path, where we could explore the beauty that is the California wine country…without other tourists like us 🙂 …”

The Young Family